Thet Best Meeting Rooms Booking System and You Can Use It for Free


Booking a meeting room or schedule meeting room resources can be a headache problem in big companies. The meeting room are limited, and all departments and groups want to use it as soon as possible. I saw several fights caused by meeting room usage problem in my career life.

In the old days, the HR or office assistant would schedule the meeting rooms usage with Excel, if my team need to use a meeting room, I needed to apply to the HR and he needed to check the Excel. But Excel is not aim to do this kind of job, and the entire process is easy to make mistake.

Nowadays we have specific meeting rooms booking system, which is specially designed for this kind of situation.

What makes a good meeting rooms booking system? In my opinion, it should have these features:

  • Organized and clean user interface, anyone can easily figure out a meeting room’s spare time at a glance;
  • Check the meeting room schedule anytime anywhere
  • Booking a meeting room anytime anywhere
  • Integrate with Outlook

Yarooms is exactly the meeting rooms booking system.

Real Time Saver – With YArooms’ Quick Book feature, you can schedule a meeting in the room of your choice right from your home screen. YArooms offers at a glance availability for a day, week or month. This way, you will always know if the room you need is available at the time and date you want.

Assign User Roles & Responsibilities – YArooms allows for granular access of your users to the meeting rooms by organizing users into types and soon groups. Meeting rooms can have owners, restricted users will require approval from the room owners for each meeting.

Sync With Outlook. Book From There – If you use Outlook for work, you can bring YArooms into your email client by installing our dedicated plugin. You’ll be able to use YArooms without opening up the web application.

Book A Meeting From The Room’s Door – All YArooms accounts come bundled with the YArooms Door app. Install it on a the tablet of your choice and mount that on your conference room’s door. You can book directly from the app, see the room’s current status and much more.

Suitable Scenarios

  • School Schedule Planning
  • Worldwide Companies
  • Coworking Spaces

Exclusive Coupons

  • YArooms plan with 1 location, 5 meeting rooms and 10 accounts – 45% off coupon
  • YArooms plan with 2 locations, 10 meeting rooms and 20 accounts – 45% off coupon
  • YArooms plan with 3 locations, 30 meeting rooms and 150 accounts – 45% off coupon


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