The Best 7 Office Word Add-ins Everyone Will Need


Microsoft Word is a must-have office program. It comes with many features that most of us will use in daily work, but there are always some needs that MS-Word can’t meet. At this point, an add-in might be a helpful solution to our immediate need.

Install add-in for MS-Word

If you’ve never installed add-ins for Office programs before, you probably don’t know where to search for and download them. I take Office 365 Word as an example, to briefly talk about how to install a practical Word plug-in.

Word comes with an add-in installation entrance, click “Insert” — “Add-Ins”, you can see two options: “Store” and “My Add-Ins”.Many of the add-ins in “Store” are out of date, the top 1 editor’s pick add-in’s last update time is 2011. So I would recommend you discover add-ins in Microsoft AppSource.

In “My Add-In” page you can browse and manage all the installed add-ins.

Next, I will recommend the following six add-ins for Word.

Emoji Keyboard

The first recommended add-in is an add-in for entering emojis. It will not only provide us with a convenient way to insert Emoji characters, but also provide a set of HD Emoji picture.

Emoji One (now renamed JoyPixels) is distributed under the Creative Commons License (cc-by 4.0), so it is free to use in individual works. Please refer to the JoyPixels Licenses for the specific copyright Licenses.

Download from Microsoft AppSource


Insertion of documents and web references is a necessary function of Word. The Wikipedia add-in lets you search in Word without having to open a Wikipedia web page in web browser.

Also, on the Wikipedia add-in page, we select a paragraph and a plus button appears to quickly insert Wikipedia content to the current document. The Wikipedia add-in also adds a link to the Wikipedia reference, which is very convenient.

Download from Microsoft AppSource


Translator is developed by Microsoft, it can translate article content immediately in Microsoft Word. The add-in works with the support of Microsoft’s translation API, which makes it possible to translate and replace selected content in a document directly, simplifying the complicated process of copying translation results from another translation app.

Download from Microsoft AppSource

Font Finder

Font Finder is an add-in developed by Microsoft. This add-in integrates many interesting English fonts, including classic style, handwritten styles, and so on. Even if we don’t have the font installed on our computers, the Font Finder add-in will download it to computer and help us use it directly.

Download from Microsoft AppSource

MyScript Math

MyScript Math, which won the second prize for best user experience in Office Add-in Prize, comes from the same company as the MyScript Calculator on iOS and Android.

The add-in’s user experience is smooth, and the recognition rate of handwritten formulas is very high, which is perfect. MyScript Math is an add-in that works with variables, operators, and complex formulas like advanced integrals and sums.

Handwritten formulas written by the MyScript Math add-in can be identified as formulae of text format, then we can easily insert them into Word documents, without having to consult the sophisticated LaTeX language.

Download from Microsoft AppSource


Grammarly is a grammar, semantic, and lexical examination add-in. It is much more powerful than Word’s native grammar checking function. Even the free Grammarly account is able to find grammatical and spelling errors.

This add-in allows you to write articles without worrying about grammar. The auto-fix function not only gives you red marks for the mistakes, but also tells you the specific reasons for the mistakes and the suggested modification methods. And that’s all Grammarly’s free account has.

A paid Grammarly account can even help you polish your article further, looking for better expressions, synonyms, grammar, etc.

Download from Official Website

Kutools for Word

Kutools for Word is committed to creating a powerful Word add-in for all users, helping users to simplify the complex operations in Word and simplify the tedious operations, so as to save time in using Word and improve their productivity.

Kutools provides a number of one-click functions to perform repetitive, time-consuming operations, such as one-click deletion of all blank rows, one-click deletion of all images, and so on.

Kutools for Word also provides many other features, such as listing all hyperlinks and bookmarks in a pane for easy management and editing, bulk inserting annotations to objects like pictures and tables, and easily renaming current documents.

Kutools for Word has a friendly user interface, which adopts the Ribbon style interface design of Word 2007/2010/2013. In order to achieve the perfect seamless connection between the add-in interface and the Word interface, it will greatly improve your experience of using Word!

Download from Official Website


Although Word is powerful enough for most of us, and we probably won’t use nearly half of the features, Word’s add-ins help us increase productivity and productivity through a lot of innovative ideas.

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