The Best 4 USB over Network Apps


Do you have the same problem?

  • There are dozens of people but one USB printer in the office, when everyone wants to print, we always have to connect the printer to different computers.
  • I was about to use the USB scanner, but found that all USB ports on the computer have been occupied, what’s worse. I can’t plug out any one of them.
  • When I need to use a USB device, I found that the USB cable was not long enough.

Is it possible to share USB devices over the Internet wirelessly?

For hardware purchase, we can look for “USB over Network” on Amazon.

But using such a device you have to face the compatibility problem, maybe your computer doesn’t support it.

Besides buying these USB over Network ports sharing devices, you have a more elegant solution: sharing USB devices over internet/LAN wirelessly with software. Here we are going to meet the best 4 USB over Network Software.

USB Network Gate

The software helps you share USB devices across computers and allows you to set password protection to control the access rights.

With this solution, you can use your USB device in a virtual environment, as well as on servers or through RDP. USB Network Gate can be used with VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft per-v.

You can share your devices and access them on a variety of platforms: Mac, Linux, or Windows, making this USB over Ethernet solution cross-platform accessible.

According to the functional features of USB Network Gate, we can easily share USB disk, camera, printer, scanner, wireless Network card and other devices. For example, when you transfer large files between multiple computers in your home or office, you needn’t to plugin/plug out the USB disk again and again. You can also share a wireless card so your computer can access the Internet wirelessly.


FlexiHub is another flexible USB redirecting software that offers more flexibility than USB Network Gate. In addition to all USB Network features, FlexiHub also supports serial port sharing, which greatly increases the list of supported devices. It is also very user-friendly even it offers so many professional features.

FlexiHub: major differences from similar software:

  • You can connect to a device even it’s behind a NAT or firewall;
  • You can manage the shared devices and connections through your FlexiHub account;
  • You have to connect to the internet I’d want to use Flexihub.
  • It adopts TCP/IP and UDP protocol, not including RDP.

USB Over Network

USB Over Network allows you to share and access USB devices over LAN or Internet. This program is suitable for Windows and Linux. Like the previous two solutions, it will let you use the USB device remotely, no matter how far away it is now.

It is divided into two parts: USB over Network Client and USB over Network Server.

The Server is equivalent to a server-side installation on a computer that provides USB content.

The Client is equivalent to the USB content installed by the client on other computers to access the Server, which can be accessed by IP address of the Server.

This app also solves these problems for us:

  • VMware is not able to display some USB devices
  • Hyper-v does not support USB devices
  • USB dongle and smart card want to be Shared and used by more than one person
  • Want to use a USB device remotely from home or work

That’s when USB Over Network comes into play.


VirtualHere can be used to share USB devices between multiple users over the Internet, LAN, make USB devices easily accessible from any remote location. This USB to Ethernet connector is easy to install and runs on every client machine or cloud instance of a service for Windows, OSX, and Linux systems.

Their Server supports Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, Odroid, OpenWRT, Ubuntu, openSUSE, CentOS and Android.Client supports Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Debian, Whezzy, CentOS and openSUSE.

In addition, NAS like Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR and NETGEAR have also started to join this suite. For models supported, please refer to virtualhere-network Attached Storage Devices.

The trial version of VirtualHere USB Server does not have a time limit, but you can only connect to one USB device at a time. If you need to use more than one USB device at a time, please contact VirtualHere’s official website to purchase the license.

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