The Best 3 Parental Control Apps Protect Your Child From Smartphone Addiction


In my friend’s house, I have often seen children clamoring for mobile phones to play. Parents often give in to their children’s pleas, but if parents give in for one time, there will be thousands of time waiting ahead. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for solutions to this problem. They’ve bought their kids lots of other toys, they’ve signed up for summer camps, but children are just screaming for the phones.

Today we’re going to teach parents some simple but effective ways to help your child kick his or her phone addiction.

P.S. in fact, the most effective way is to set an example for parents to play less mobile phones in front of their children.


This app is developed by a team from France. It monitors children’s mobile phone use by controlling the opening and use time of some apps on the phone.

The TeenLimit interface is simple and user-friendly, even the less-IT-savvy parents can use it without any problem. They can lock the App through encryption and specify the daily use time. After a certain period of time, the phone will automatically lock and cannot be played anymore.

This is a great way for kids to impose rules and teach them to keep their word when they say “I will just play for half an hour, trust me.”

At the same time, this App is directly downloaded and operated on the child’s mobile phone, it doesn’t contain the privacy monitoring features which would make children uncomfortable, and also makes it easier to accept by children.

However, simple doesn’t mean poor monitoring. TeenLimit is also an App that parents can lock up with a password and kids can’t uninstall it.

–> Official Site

–> iOS App Download

–> Android App Download


When entering unGlue, users, as a parent, add their children to the list, and then set the upper limit of the “entertainment time” and “Internet time”.

To play the controlling role of unGlue, a description file should be installed on the child’s mobile phone in advance. As soon as the daily time limit runs out, the child’s phone disconnects from the Internet, neither wi-fi nor cellular data networks will fail to connect.

Of course, parents can always give their children more time to use the Internet or cut off the Internet anytime they want. UnGlue also supports setting different time limits according to working days and weekends.

It is worth mentioning that unGlue can also use the “time bank” to cultivate children’s time management concepts.

A time bank is a place where a child can temporarily save the rest of the day if he or she doesn’t use up the day’s time quota. But there is a limit to the amount of time you can keep and carry over to the next day, say 15 minutes, this time duration can be customized by parents.

In addition to the time bank, there’s another way for kids to expand their entertainment time — by completing tasks assigned by their parents. On the unGlue kids app, you pick tasks to complete, such as walking the dog, washing dishes, setting up the kitchen table, taking out the garbage, and so on, to earn a reward for playtime. Win-win.

UnGlue is what “manages” the family, not just “controls” the network. It sets the boundaries of behavior, not the rules. We should teach children to form good habits rather than exercise parental authority at will.

If you have a child who is unusually interested in electronic devices and is glued to a screen, try unGlue.

–> Official Site

–> iOS App Download

–> Android App Download

Familytime Parental Control

The APP claims to be the most powerful parental control APP in the world, and after I tried it out, I think the developers were right. It covers almost all the functions of the above two apps, such as:

  • Ban any APP
  • Filter what content can be viewed, including webpages, text, images, video, and more
  • Call for help. When your child is in danger, you can know it right away
  • Make the phone available only for appointed periods of time, including immediately disabling the child’s phone for a short period of time
  • While your child is driving, you can tell your child whether he or she is speeding or not by the speed of the GPS, so you can inform him or her to drive safely through the APP
  • You can be alerted immediately when your child calls a specific number
  • Time bank, same as unGlue
  • Receive an APP alert when he goes to a particular place

The APP also allows you to monitor all aspects of your child’s phone usage, including call records, web browsing records, APP installation and usage records, contacts, favorites, SMS records, etc.

As a parental control app, you don’t have to worry about your or your children’s privacy being compromised. All of the data obtained by the APP is encrypted and stored securely on the server, which even the APP’s developers cannot decrypt.

You can manage all your family and children’s devices for a one-time fee, and you can give access to any of your relatives.

Most importantly, your child cannot delete the APP.

–> Official Site

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