The Best 3 Bootable USB Creators

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The Best 3 Bootable USB Creators

Since Apple removed the optical drive from the Macbook, more and more manufacturers have followed the trend, and now not only the laptop but also many desktop computers have phased out the optical drive.

Therefore, when reinstalling the system, all of us have to face the problem of “how to create a USB boot disk in a simple and fast way”.


All of us will meet such a situation: buy a new computer, need to move all files and installed program, settings, documents, games and system to the new computer. This is a time-consuming process.

FlashBoot is a tool which creates an installable clone for your windows operating system, it transfers OS and apps between computers with dissimilar hardware. It supports Windows 7, 8.x and 10 with all your programs and data. It transfers data from one computer to another in a couple of minutes, so you can have a bootable copy of your PC in your pocket.

FlashBoot supports driver integration in windows. It gives you a packaged driver pack also. To avoid any virus or ransomware attack, hard drive crashes, windows update failure, in FlashBoot you can store the entire OS and installed programs, and restore when you need them. Flashboot is able to create a self-extracting backup of your computer.


Rufus is an open source and free USB bootable disk and USB formatting utility, it allows you to quickly build ISO system image files into USB drive, it supports Windows or Linux booting.

Rufus is small but exquisite, the size of the software is only a few hundred KB, but it is stable and fast. This tool also provides the portable version, you do not need to install, just open it then you can directly use it, very convenient.

In addition to being free, open source and small, one of the main advantages of Rufus is that it’s “super fast!” According to the official website, Rufus can produce USB startup disks about twice as fast as similar software such as Windows USB Download tool, UNetbootin and Universal USB Installer.

When you need to make a USB boot disk, you can open Rufus without hesitation! Rufus supports UEFI and GPT installations, so you can install Windows 10, Windows 8/7, or any Linux distribution in EFI mode.

Notice, the minimum operating system requirements of Rufus 3.0 is Win7 and above, it no longer supports XP and Vista systems.


UltraISO is a powerful and convenient CD image file production/editing/conversion tool, it can directly edit the ISO file and extract files and directories from the ISO. You can also use it to make bootable disk, including USB disk.

Using UltraISO, you can arbitrarily make/edit/convert the CD image file, with the CD burning software burned out their own needs of the CD.

More about ISO images and UEFI/GPT support

Operating system image files are generally available for download from the internet, or you can use free burning software such as ImgBurn and CDBurnerXP to extract the ISO image from the physical disc.

However, due to the limitations of the operating system, there is no way to create a bootable disk of UEFI under Windows XP, only using MBR mode, which requires Windows Vista or an operating system update.

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