Qbserve, tracks your time consumption on the Mac


Have you ever wondered how a day passes when you’re working on a Mac? If you really want to know how much time you spend on each app or web page on the macOS, Qbserve, an auto-tracking timer from the same developer as Get Task, is a good help.

Qbserve is a macOS time tracking app, it can record the time you spend on each app, and automatically generate time use graphic report. The report gives you an intuitive idea of how long and how much time you focused and distracted during the day.

When you fail the goal to focus (or distract) for specific time, Qbserve will remind you, give you more motivation or reminder, so that you can stay focused. Notification reminders support setting the length of attention (or distraction), statistical classification, and reminder dates.

You can also export statistics to JSON or CSV files for more flexible analysis and consolidation of time records.

Qbserve can identify which app users are using, and which website the users are browsing, and matching the activities based on large database, sort these activities according to Productive, Neutral and Distracting categories.

Qbserve tracks web sites visited by Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. Distinguish between work and leisure time from instant messaging, online teamwork, watching video and browsing BBS and other activities; multiple Windows of the same app can be grouped into different categories, and custom categories can be created upon your request.

All data is stored locally, so you don’t have to worry too much about privacy.

Even if you’re watching a movie and not typing on your keyboard, Qbserve can intelligently identify the actual activity time. Also may observe the activity, the efficiency change tendency at any time.

The statistics are displayed in three different ways. In addition to pie charts and category details, the app can also display your activity record by time period. You can see that you are more efficient in which time period, while you are more easily distracted in which time period.

What’s more interesting is that the outer color of the hexagonal icon on the Dock bar changes according to the duration of the activity, while the icon on the Dock bar shows the proportion of the “Production” activity in real time.

But even though the app comes with a large database that automatically identifies and sort the apps you’re using, there are still a lot of apps and web pages that it can’t properly identify. For example, some people use Facebook and Twitter for working purpose, so it’s not right to be identified as a “Distraction.”

For applications and activities that Qbserve cannot match the recognition, users can manually classify them. Of course, users can re-modify the activities that Qbserve has classified. In addition, features such as monitoring time periods and long attention reminders all allow users to set their own preferences.

In Qbserve, set the wake-up time as the start time of the day. You can set the trace period arbitrarily. Compare your performance by days, weeks, and months. Or view your most active activities and overall execution efficiency through the time report.

If you need a statistical analysis of the time you spend on your Mac, Qbserve is an excellent choice. Automatic recording, instant statistics, saving time and effort. You don’t have to pay a subscription fee to buy the app, pay for one time and own it forever.

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