How to Open Sketch Files on Windows (Sketch for Windows Download)

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As a trending UI designing tool, Sketch has become a must-have app for UI designers. However, it is only available on macOS. So if you are using a Windows computer, but your co-worker delivers you a .sketch file. That will be a problem.

This is what happens in a real developer team, which has developed the famous icons download website, the Icons 8. The programmers always got a .sketch file from the UI designers but they are using Windows computer, what’s worse, they can’t persuade the designers to switch to Photoshop.

As a result, the programmers decided to develop a tool themselves to open .sketch files on Windows.

So this is how the Lunacy app borns.

Preview Sketch Files

Although Bohemian Studio, Sketch’s developer, doesn’t offer any documentation, Lunacy’s developers still managed to decipher the app.

Whether it is a layer, shape or text, its display is comparable with the original Sketch app.


In addition, Lunacy also provides the grid system and a variety of display adjustments, so you can browse the current file in the most comfortable way.

Another big problem you may encounter when viewing Sketch files on Windows is the fonts. Lunacy prompts the currently missing fonts in the upper left corner, and you can download the fonts by from Google fonts within just one click.

lunacy download font

Editing Features

Besides previewing Sketch files, Lunacy also provides several editing tools. You can add text, shape, picture, etc., you can also adjust the details like element color, transparency, and so on. I believe it can meet most of your needs.

Lunacy Editing Features

Export Options

Finish editing, you need to export the artwork. With Lunacy, you can save the selected element as an image in PNG or SVG format, or export the entire file directly.

In addition, you can also copy the element’s CSS attribute information in one click and apply it directly to the HTML code, eliminating the need for other transformations.


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