Macbooster Might Be the Mac System Optimization Tool You Are Looking For


While maintenance tools on Macs are often criticized (usually by geeks), apps such as CleanMyMac and Dr. Cleaner can be a one-stop solution for Mac maintenance needs for the average user, like cleaning system trash, memory release, and finding duplicate files.

MacBooster 7 is also such a simple and practical app. If you are not computer savvy, you can try MacBooster to keep the high performance of the Mac. What function does MacBooster 7 have? Let’s see.

System state analysis

After installing MacBooster, you need to perform a booster scan of your Mac, which involves three parts: “System Junk”, “Virus & Malware Scan” and “Turbo Boost”.

System Junk

Among the various functions in the maintenance tool, junk cleaning should be the most primary and the most commonly used one. Especially for Macs with 256GB storage or less, you can get a decent amount of free capacity every time you clean up system junk.

MacBooster identified system junk mainly including application cache, iTunes cache, language file and so on, which basically accounted for 90% of the junk file.

Clicking “Clean” button removes these junk files from your Mac immediately, however, you’d better check to see if they are indeed junk. In the system junk files list, we can see the details of each file, and open its folder or display the profile.

If there are items that are not junk files, we can also uncheck them to prevent them from being cleaned up, or add them to the whitelist by right-clicking.

Virus & Malware Scan

Compared with Windows, Mac system security is more reassuring. In “Virus & Malware Scan”, MacBooster analyzes what looks like suspicious in the Mac to prevent what you are doing on the machine being wickedly tracked.

Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost keeps Mac performance at its peak by optimizing disks, repairing disk permissions, and optimizing storage space.

Third party applications can slow down the system by modifying disk permissions and generating large cache files. Turbo Boost frees up considerable storage space, fixes disk permissions, and removes useless files.


MacBooster’s toolkit combines multiple functions such as clearing memory, uninstalling applications and looking up files, to solve multiple needs in one application.

Memory Clean

The first function in the toolbox is memory cleaning. It clearly shows the current memory usage of each application running on the Mac. For applications that occupy large amounts of memory, you can turn them off in MacBooster with one click and release the memory.

Privacy Protection

Privacy protection concerns about which apps and websites are tracking your behavior. It will look for web page cache, browser history access records, recently used apps records, apps internal use records and other files.

Regularly clean those records can prevent these privacy data from being accessed by malicious programs.


The uninstaller can remove all installed applications on the Mac, along with their associated preferences files. MacBooster is also able to reset the application, which means restoring it to what it was when it was first mounted.

Startup Optimization

Startup optimization is actually a visualization of the login entry management in system preferences. It’s a lot easier to do this in one step than it is to go through the system preferences.

Files Cleaner

MacBooster’s file cleaner function consists of four parts: large file, old file, duplicate file and photo sweeper. Clean up those videos and images that are not commonly used in time, which can also free up considerable storage space to Mac.

Looking for duplicates or similar images and keeping them as needed can also save a lot of space. However, before deleting them, we should also check the importance of these files to avoid mistaken deletion.

MacBooster mini

MacBooster can provide quick accesses in the Mac menu bar, where you can check the current Mac status, which includes memory booster and network speed booster.

We can release memory with one click or clean up files in depth. Turning on Lightning Booster enables MacBooster to perform a system cleanup to quickly improve Mac performance. We can quickly optimize the system directly from the menu bar.


Broadly speaking, MacBooster combines most of what a Mac user needs to maintain system performance, from clearing up junk to looking for duplicate files, from memory clean to uninstalling an application. But what is undeniable is that the maintenance tools of this kind on the market have tended to homogenize. MacBooster and CleanMyMac have very similar core functions.

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