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HomeGuard Professional

HomeGuard Professional is a very easy and effective tool for monitoring activities. It is used to maintain a record of web activity. This tool prevents and blocks all inappropriate and adult content in websites along with customizable sites allows and block lists. It does filtering on the basis of file types like online flash games or .exe downloads.

By default, HomeGuard Professional runs in stealth mode hidden and undetectable. This can be configured to warn users when something is blocked.

HomeGuard Professional

HomeGuard Professional is helpful to collect monitored data on user computers. The collected data can be viewed remotely. HomeGuard maintains a database to monitor records. Records are safely and synchronized automatically with user computers along with support for 256-bit encryption and compression of the entire data which is transferred over the internet network.

HomeGuard server component acts as a Windows service. This can be useful to remotely customize monitoring and blocking settings.

Functions of HomeGuard professional

Here are the top functions of the HomeGuard professional tool:

• Best internet protection
• Secure connection
• Bets tracking options
• Full data security
• Customize the websites
• Filters the downloading files

Features of HomeGuard professional

The features of HomeGuard professional that make it best tool are:

• It records all details of the internet usage
• Track all details like runtime, bandwidth
• Provides Internet time restrictions
• Network connection monitoring
• Filtering to the pages
• Provides chat and email monitoring
• E-mail notifications of activities
• It also provides the printer and USB device monitoring and blocking
• It also records program details including active usage time, runtime etc.

HomeGuard Professional is the best tool to track and control the use of computers. It is useful for all family members. It is the best tool for children you can track the details of their internet usage and can block or set the time limit for certain programs or games. It helps to increase productivity for work teams.

SprintWork Distraction Blocker

SprintWork is the perfect time tracking and distraction blocking software. It helps you to recover time to social media and games. SprintWork is the effective software to block Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites with a customizable website blocking list. It can be set in 3 modes: allow list, block list and overall blocking of internet access. All 3 modes can be set for effect for some certain time of days and weeks with options of lock settings for a specific time.

Along with online games, SprintWork helps to block games and tracks the time period spent on programs, start and stop time, total run time.

SprintWork Distraction Blocker

Features of SprintWork

Below are the features of SprintWork:

Restrict or block online games, social networks and any website

SprintWork is the best software to block web distractions such as gaming websites, video streaming websites and social media.

Monitoring and reporting

SprintWork helps to record time spent, total running time of programs along with the detailed activity of used websites with the total time of visits.

User monitoring

SprintWork can prevent some computer users from monitoring and blocking rules. It is helpful for family and shared computers.

Time restrict or block games and programs

Applications with no usage can be restricted to certain days, times of day or days of the week.

Wildcard support

SprintWork can prohibit websites which have some specific words in their URL address or prevent a domain or a single certain sub-domain.

Multiple website blocking lists

It is used to set time restrictions or block for some websites lists.

Cleanup monitoring records automatically

Old records and reports of monitoring are deleted automatically every time interval (30 days default).

Cannot be deleted

SprintWork works with internet customers and browsers. It cannot be deleted forcefully until the time you have selected expires and enter the password.

SprintWork works effectively to prevent games and social games. It is the best software to track time spent on websites and programs. It is useful to enhance productivity.


WinDataReflector is the perfect tool used for fast file synchronization and provides the backup with the visual comparison. It provides the best file synchronization. It wraps up fast file comparison and transfer algorithms into a simple and clear interface. It provides the best visual comparison of files and folders.

It is a lightweight file synchronization tool. It provides the simple and clear interface. You can get a clear visual comparison of files before synchronizing and backing them up. It support for two way synchronization with fully customizable rules.


Key Features of WinDataReflector

Here are the key features of WinDataReflector:

• Support for NTFS file permissions

WinDataReflector tool provides full security to NTFS file. The access rights can be easily copied to destination files and folders. It provides the right access to information.

• Compression support

It can ZIP archives in two modes. It can overwrite existing files and can create new time stamped archives for each backup. It provides the best compression support to back up the files.

• Maintain the copies of old files

The best protection for loss of files and data. It creates copies of files before replacing them with newer files. And maintain the record of copied files that are replaced.

• Automatic synchronization

It can automatically run the tasks that are scheduled by you. You can schedule the task for a particular day or time and it will run that automatically.

Some other features of the WinDataReflector

• Provides Real-time synchronization and backup
• It has Better Delete options
• It supports CRC comparison and verification
• Run multiple tasks simultaneously
• It has fully customizable rules
• Always keep files updated
• Supports synchronizing to major cloud services
• Run commands before and after tasks

Functions of WinDataReflector Pro

Here are the functions of WinDataReflector:

• No data loss
• Full data protection
• Lightweight tool
• Full security
• Best synchronization of files

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