Introducing SysInfoTools VHDX Recovery


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VHDX Recovery is one of the effective and smartest recovery software. It can ideally repair the corrupt VHDX files. This tool helps to recover the VHDX files easily and efficiently.

If you are facing the problem of data corruption and find it hard to recover the files easily, the VHDX Recovery tool is best for you. The VHDX files get corrupt easily and this can cause inaccessibility of data which can lead to permanent deletion or loss of data. This tool is a better option to protect the files and get them back.

Features of VHDX Recovery Software

Here are some of the features of VHDX Recovery Software:

  • It provides successful VHDX Data Restoration of the corrupted files
  • It efficiently supports the fixed disk types & Dynamic Disk Types
  • It helps you with auto-Detect the File Information
  • It can filter the entries
  • It provides the auto-search file entries
  • You can easily search particular file types
  • It provides the MBR and GPT Partition Tables
  • Popular File Systems Support

Benefits of VHDX Recovery software

This VHDX recovery tool is very helpful and effective tool to get the corrupted file back easily. Here are some of the benefits of the VHDX recovery software:

  • It is user-friendly
  • Easily recover the corrupt VHDX files data
  • It supports the VHDX files saved with fixed disk and dynamic disk types
  • It can easily support all popular files like FAT, FAT16, NTFS, and HFS+
  • This tool provides a Tree-structure preview of files and folders before saving them.
  • It has a free VHDX repair tool that is available online to preview the recovered data files
  • It supports recovery from all formatted drives of FAT file system

Functions of VHDX Recovery Software

The popular functions this table provides are:

  • It performs the VHDX data recovery in three modes that are Standard, Advanced and Deep.
  • Users can easily add new file signatures to either new or existing files with the RAW recovery mode.
  • The VHDX Recovery tool has Standard and Advanced modes for intensive scanning of VHDX files.
  • The VHDX Recovery provides the intensive Scanning of the corrupt data files. It is a user-friendly application that provides the rich preview of the data. It is highly supportable and compatible. Simply the best tool to recover the VHDX corrupted file.

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