How to Stream Video on iPhone or iPad from Any Home Computer Wirelessly


With the popularity of smartphones more and more people are used to watching video on their mobile phones. But smartphone has limited storage space. What if you can use smartphone to play videos saved in your computers? Yes, you can set up a home media server to help you play this trick.

The solution is helpful for these kinds of person:

  • The ones who own several smartphones and tablets, and you want to watch the same video on different devices anytime you want.
  • The ones who like downloading high-quality video, some high-quality blu-ray movies can occupy tens of GB space, save it in mobile device is not a good choice.
  • The ones who save a lot of memorial videos and likes to watch them in spare time.

For me, I am the first one. I save all my movies on my computer, and would watch them on my iPhone, iPad and a Kindle Fire tablet. In other words, my computer is my home media server.

What’s more, my family and my friends, as long as they connect my home’s WiFi network, they can also enjoy the movies saved in my computer.

How to Stream Video on iPhone or iPad from Any Home Computer Wirelessly

Below is how can we do this, let’s go through the steps:

Step-1: For iPhone and iPad. Open AppStore in iPhone and iPad and search “ArkMC” application (direct link). Go through the search result and download the application. The installation process is started when you hit the Install button. This app also provides Android version.

Step-2: Open installed the app from its icons which shows in iPhone and iPad home page

Step-3: App will open and it shows various media servers. Below the list of the server are there in the app.

  • Arkuda DMS on Silver iPad
  • Arkuda DS
  • Logitech Media Server
  • Plex Media Server: Arkuda Server
  • Plex Media Server: Windows PC Plex Server
  • Windows PC: Desktop PC

Step-4: Select Windows PC server, which shows local PC storage and system configuration. Check there for your remote PC configuration. If you have a mac computer, the same developer provides a Mac home media server software, which allows you stream any media from your Mac to any receiver, including smart TV, tablets, smartphones, etc..

Step-5: Go back into a Media Server List and Open ArkudaDS server.

  • Where you can see storage files i.e. Music, Photo and Video folders are there
  • Choose the appropriate folder where videos are stored.
  • Touch on the video folder icon and it shows all stored videos folder.
  • Select the appropriate video folder from it.

Step-6: Touch on the video file and select “Play on Server iPad” and video will start in the inbuilt video player.

Step-7: While playing the video you can see four various options at the bottom right of the player.

arkmc features

Following options you can see there:

  • Share icon: if you want to share a link to other than various sharing platforms are there e.g. WhatsApp
  • Send to renderer: it is an alternative of the cast, with renderer you can render a video on a big screen.
  • Audio and Subtitle: Audio setting for your current playing video, in subtitle, you can select different language subtitle.
  • Setting: Want to change an aspect ratio with different screen resolution. Various Buttons you can customize it. Video gesture for pause, play, forward, backward and stop.

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