How to Enhance Mac’s Sound Effect with Boom App

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How to Enhance Mac's Sound Effect with Boom App

Boom 3D is a personalized sound enhancement tool for macOS, it has the most outstanding sound enhancement features, integrated 3D surround sound effects, so that you can enjoy the purest and best quality music experience.

Why is Boom 3D so popular?

There are plenty of equalizer apps on the Mac Appstore, but none of them have been able to compete with Boom series in sales. I carefully analyzed the reasons and drew the following conclusions:

– simple. Just turn it on and you’ll get the results you want right away, even the first time you start, you can easily to figure out how it works without having to worry about the complicated configuration process, which is done automatically by Boom 3D.

– beautiful. Before I used a similar application called Amarra, it is complex to use  (tend to professional users), and the user interface has not adapted Retina Retina display, the panel design even retains the metal wire drawing style. While it may be more detailed in terms of functionality, at least I won’t stick with it.

– responsible. To judge whether a developer can deliver a good enough user experience, we can keep an eye on how they interact with users. I once contacted GlobalDelight about a simple problem and got a reply within a few hours, which not only solves the problem on the spot, but also meets the requirement of “fast”, which surprises me!

Boom 3D uses seven adjustable stereo suites to help users find a better listening experience. It sounds complex, but you can make it done with the Menubar easily.

On the Menubar, you can select a default equalizer, with it you can control the volume, and independently adjust the notification center’s message push, iTunes volume, or audio content on the Safari web pages. In this way, it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of music or miss out on critical messages.

In addition to the sound enhancements for the native Music, Boom 3D will also take great care of a number of applications. Boom 3D will be available whenever you are playing games, playing Apple Music, watching video, and using Spotify and Skype.

You are recommended to wear headphones to enjoy Boom 3D . The app allows you to select the corresponding audio output device according to the type of headphones you are wearing.


In the eyes of professional users, these “adjusting buttons” are easy to play with (their role is to modify the final effect of music), but for normal users, we almost have no way to get started. Since Boom 3D comes with an equalizer effect, we just need to select, listen and confirm.

For example, I like to listen to the music with heavy bass, so it is ok to choose “bass enhancement”, and I like to listen to the natural selection of “treble enhancement”, anyway, the interface is pretty simple, you can easily figure it out.

Effect Switch

This is one of the special features of Boom 3D, which has two options: ambiance and Hi-Fi. The effect of “ambience” is to spread music (as far as possible) to all corners of the surroundings, so that people within a certain range can clearly hear the music.

And the effect of “Hi-Fi” is to control the divergence direction and broadcast quality of music, so that the listener can get the most restoring music. When we say lossless music, we mean Hi-Fi music.

Boom 3D is also available for Windows now, you can download here.

Boom for iOS

Boom for iOS

Boom for iOS continues the design style of the Mac version, which is mainly ink-blue, much more flattering than many similar apps that have a metallic or plastic UI. Main features are eye-catching, song selection and special effects switch are all easy to find.

The app offers three sound enhancement options: 3D surround, equalizer, and effect intensity. With these 3 effects, I never thought my iPhone would have such a beautiful sound.

But it still has its limits. The biggest difference from the Mac version is that it’s just a music player and doesn’t offer global sound enhancement, so you can only listen to native music stored on your iPhone. At the same time, due to DRM protection, the songs stored in Apple Music cache cannot be played locally, and these problems cannot be solved by the app provider alone.

So if you’re used to listening to music online, the current Boom for iOS is useless for you, but if you’re still used to listening to downloaded music, try this App for a better sound experience.

You can download Boom for iOS for free from AppStore, and the app provides a 5-day full function free trial.

After that, if you want to continue to use the sound enhancement service, you need to purchase the in-app unlock.

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