Want to give a touch on your drone captured photographs then you on the right point to choose a drone photograph editor application AirMagic. The AirMagic application is designed to improve aerial photos. AirMagic application is developed for Mac and Windows OS. The software is powered with AI-based technology and advanced algorithm.

Let’s take a look at AirMagic features and editing functionalities.

  1. Haze removing: When drone captures a photograph above earth level, on air, haze problem is frequent but AirMagic creates magic to remove the haze.2. Skyline Adjustment: Software detects sky automatically in photos and set adjustment accordingly.3. Reveal details: AirMagic automatically reveals hidden details in your aerial photos without any noise.4. Color Boosting: Color level adjustment can be done in AirMagic. I.e. Midtones, color highlights, and shadows. As well as achieve deeper, richer and inspiring color results.5. Automated: Without any human involvement software create its own automatic masterpiece. Adjustment and editing are done automatically.6. Multiple improvements: At a time multiple photos can be improved. Just drag and drop all your images, including raw files and enhance them with a single click.7. Creative editing: Apply your creative editing skills to edit photos. Different styles and filter are available in the application, just apply and create.8. Work environment: AirMagic is work as a Standalone app and plugin. You can use AirMagic plugin in Apple photos extension, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Get ready to click images and edit it with AirMagic which takes your photographs on beyond beauty level.

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