Stabilize your video collection with the best viewing experience. On the back of stabilization, footage taken by drones, mobiles cams, action cams are bit not cleared to watch. In the quality of the video, print may be degraded. Then there is Ashampoo video stabilization, which is doing efficient automatic stabilization on video. So, you can experience your past back journey through the video.

Let’s get brief about feature of Ashampoo Video Stabilization

  1. Automatic stabilization: Videos which was shot on drones, cams. Which automatically stabilize with using this software.2. Internal Optimization: You can add and customize video as per your editing knowledge. Optimize white balance, exposure of print, and color saturation maintain by software. You can easily edit a video.3. Rotate and mirror: If you want to change an angle and direction of the video than rotate and mirror function is there. Also, individually, you can rotate single shots of the video.4. Crop: Cut cut, yes you can crop a portion of the video. Select a video timing that you want to cut down in clip and press crop button.5. Supported format: You can stabilize video in any format which is popularly supported in your video player, as well as cropped video are supported many formats.6. Multilingual: Software support at least all popular known world’s language.

Internet connection is required to activate a program and licensed version cost of Ashampoo Video Stabilization is $21.00. Then why wait, go and grab to software for a better viewing experience.

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