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What is electronic signature?

Electronic signature is some data contained in or attached to an electronic message, that identifies the signatory and indicates that the content is acceptable to the signatory.

The most common way is to scan a signature to picture, and attach it as a watermark to an MS-Word or PDF document.

Common forms of electronic signature?

  1. Digital image of handwritten signature attached to electronic document
  2. Passwords sent to the recipient for confirming the identity of the sender
  3. Identification tools with specific biometric, such as fingerprints

Four standards of reliable electronic signature

  1. When electronic signature belongs to the exclusive use of electronic signatory;
  2. At the time of signature, the electronic signature is only controlled by the electronic signer;
  3. Any changes to the electronic signature can be found after it is signed;
  4. Any changes made to the content and form of the data message after signing can be discovered.

A fancy and reliable tool for generating electronic signature

DigiSigner is a tool for generating electronic signature easily, you just need to choose the file you want to sign into this service’s server, then you can sign with your mouse, input your name or insert your signature’s scanned image.

What’s more, you can also invite others to sign together with this product.

This product is compatible with almost all the main-stream laws, like UETA, ESIGN and eIDAS. All files signed with this product are acceptable in courts.

And you need not to worry about the security issue, DigiSigner saves all your data behind high-level firewall, and all data are encrypted before saving.


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