With the development of technology, storytelling methods are becoming more and more diverse, infographic, interactive pages, videos and other contents are widely used in news reports, so that readers can more quickly and intuitively understand the information conveyed by the reports.

When the newsroom plans to choose a topic, it increasingly takes the form of story presentation as an important choice. In those story-telling ways, using an interactive map is a new attempt – different from the general method of connecting stories with timeline, it connects stories with the change of spatial information.

The history of map is the history of human cultural expansion. Now, it has become one of the most used elements in data of news. The information that a map can deliver is extremely rich, covering the information of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and even more.

1, Point

Ubisoft has cooperated with Kaspersky in order to develop the watchdog hacker game. At the beginning of the release, they designed a website, by clicking on twitter, instagram or other type of icon, you can see the names and specific tweets of individual users from a specific location. Here you will see all the public data that can be found in the public environment. The purpose of this website is to show us how easy it is to obtain these data.

2, Line

Hubcab has captured 170 million taxi tracks in 2011. It shows where, when and how the locations of London are connected by taxis. It will help you discover the operation mode of taxis and the travel mode of people, and guide you to explore the relevance of track step by step.

3、 Surface

Surface can also express many concepts, such as region and environment. On this basis, with the help of color, it can be divided into regions and clusters.

For example, this work draws the age of buildings in the Netherlands, including 9866539 buildings from the year 1800 to now. Dark red building has a long history, while blue building construction time is new.

The screenshot is a part of the whole area. After expanding to the whole area, it can be found that the Netherlands has basically separated the old and new urban areas and well preserved historical and cultural relics.

4、 Solid

Below is a work of a French studio which is called Dataveyes. Dataveyes has drawn a 3D map of the subway traffic in Paris. It presents the basic thermodynamic diagram in the form of 3D. Longitude, latitude and height constitute the three-dimensional solid space, which is more intuitive.

For a map, you can add any third dimension on the basis of longitude and latitude: like height, density, time and volume. If you know WebGL language, you can make a cool map yourself.

In the past, if you want to create such a cool map, you must understand programming. Now many companies have made easy-t-use tools. Even if you don’t know programming at all, you can make similar interactive maps.

Mapifator is such a tool. You can add places where you need to tell stories based on Google maps, add photos, stories, timelines and so on. Finally, an interactive map with stories can be curated.

Compared with similar software such as ArcGIS, the price of Mapifator is cheaper. If it is only for daily use or simple commercial use, Mapifator can meet your requirements. If you are a developer, you can also use the API and SDK to enhance your own apps.

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