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MacPilot is mine a hidden feature in MacOS. Your terminal can’t be bothered to remember those commands. Using MacPilot you can easily enable and disable hidden changes. If you are a UNIX user than you have to ultimate rights of unlocking over 1200 features. For that, there is no need for complex command and file operations.

In MacPilot you can do window login picture, screensaver as your desktop, modified advance permissions, change a welcome message, enable simultaneous recordings, view system logs, and enable debug menu in any installed application.

Features of MacPilot:

  1. Full Support: over a 1000 features add in your mac experience and optimize, explore experience in Mac.
  2. Finder: Toggle animations, show the quit menu, find a file path, show hidden files, disable feature with using finder add-ons.
  3. Dock: Smart menu and spacers, open apps on a screen, app indicator light, the fade icon for the hidden app, change interface effects and features.
  4. iTunes: Disable elastic scrolling, play songs while importing, disable device access, enable a high contrast interface, and prevent the update.
  5. Startup and Power: Complete control over on wake-sleep and power saving while in startup kernel debugging, disable kernel caches, and toggle various UNIX options.
  6. Safari Setting: Disable spell check, set a find page, disable site icons, disable caching, change user agent string, make delete key go back or previous.
  7. Internal app access: One-click access for system tools like Bluetooth, certificate, RAID, or discovery assistance.
  8. Maintenance: Run cron, rebuild launch services, update prebinding, force empty the Trash, rotate system logs, clear the print queue, reclaim inactive system memory, find and delete corrupt preference files and more!
  9. Network: Discover advance information about network device without interrupted your IP address. Find it from DNS, IPV4, and IPV6 to Proxies, Samba, and File Sharing.

The product is available in an annual subscription license and lifetime license. Make pilot of your MacOS with MacOS.

Koingo MacPilot 40% OFF coupon code

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