Speaking of the importance of hard disk health examination, it is actually much higher than the battery. We can replace the battery if it is broken. You can also replace it, but the files will be gone! Therefore, I suggest that you check your hard disk from time to time to avoid a sudden accident. You can try this Hard Disk Sentinel, it will not let you down!

Once the software is run, it will automatically scan your hard drive. The parameters include performance, health, temperature, capacity, and so on, and can even provide a rough estimate of the hard drive’s expected life.

Click on the specific partition, the software can automatically analyze the partition information and volume information. By clicking on the temperature, you can view the current temperature of the hard disk, the highest and lowest temperatures of the day/lifetime. The software’s alert function lets you know when your hard drive is in a hurry, so you can back up your important files in time.

The Hard Disk Sentinel runs in the background and verifies the SSD/HDD health by checking the state of the disk. If an error is found or unexpected behavior is detected, the user will be warned about the situation, and the appropriate action can be taken automatically(for example, to start an automatic backup).

Hard drive sentry also has a great way to check if the hard drive you buy is second-hand. Generally speaking, the new hard disk only has a few read and write times, that’s the factory does the necessary detection. However, the number of read and write times of second-hand hard disk will be significantly more.

It’s no exaggeration to say, this is the best hard disk detection tool I have used in recent years. Considering its price, I think it is the best hard disk detection tool on the market with the highest cost performance.

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