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If you manufacture and sell your own products, you’ll need a barcode for each item you sell. Barcodes allow you and your business to quickly and accurately keep track of inventory, pricing info, and even shipment tracking.

And you’ll need a barcode maker of some sort. That’s where DRPU’s Barcode Label Maker Software comes in super handy.

The Barcode Label Maker Software lets you create and print 2D and linear barcodes in the form of labels, tags, or stickers. You can print them in nearly any size you need, and any common barcode scanner or printer can read them. So if you start using the Barcode Label Maker Software, you won’t need to worry about buying new scanner for your business.

When you create a barcode with the Barcode Label Maker Software, you can customize the lines, the text and font, and the bar height. Then you can easily save your custom barcodes as barcode images for future printing and reference. You can save the files in the formats PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, EMF, EXIF, WMF, and even GIF, depending on your preference and your computer’s storage space.

One really convenient feature of the Barcode Label Maker Software is that you can print multiple barcode labels on one page, even putting different types and styles of barcode on that one page. Because of this, you can save paper, time, and ultimately money.

And for just $59, this software might be the smartest investment you could make into your business. You don’t need to buy a super expensive and fancy sounding barcode software. It’s simpler than that.

Think of all the time you’ll save by getting an easy-to-use barcode maker. As a business person, time can often equal money. If you waste time messing around with a confusing piece of software instead of serving your customers, manufacturing products, generating new ideas, and moving your business forward, you’re really losing money.

That’s why DRPU’s Barcode Label Maker Software will help you save money by saving you time.

DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software 40% OFF coupon code

DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software 40% OFF coupon code

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