When it comes to photo processing software, many people think of Photoshop or Lightroom for the first time.

But sometimes, we don’t need so professional and complex software to help us process photos, such as collage multiple photos into one, simple color matching or cutting, or make multiple photos into one panorama.

I’ve also provided the coupon code of similar software before, such as Luminar and Aurora HDR produced by Skylum studio.

Today I’m going to provide you the coupon code of Vertexshare Photo Stitcher. Compared with the two above, the main advantage of Vertexshare Photo Stitcher is the photo merge function. Merge here is not simply to combine multiple pictures into one, but the software can automatically identify multiple consecutive pictures, and then intelligently cut off the overlapped places, so that multiple consecutive pictures can be combined into one picture without any overlap or missing parts.

This function mainly has two usage scenarios:

1. Screenshot of the conversation. Sometimes we need to take multiple conversation screenshots of iMessage or WhatsApp and send them to another person. If the dialogue is long, we may need to take more than 10 screenshots, and make sure the sequence is correct when sending them out, otherwise people reading the dialogue will misinterpret the meaning. With the help of Vertexshare Photo Stitcher, we can combine such continuous conversation screenshots into one, which makes it easier for both the sender and the reader.

2. Make panoramic photos. We know that the built-in camera App of iPhone is able to take a panoramic photo, but not everyone uses iPhone. If we take pictures with SLR or digital camera, we can make a perfect panoramic picture with the help of Vertexshare Photo Stitcher.

What’s more, you can almost complete all the above tasks with one click. As long as you make sure that the photos are continuous and the order of import is correct, you can hand over the rest to Vertexshare Photo Stitcher for automatic completion.

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