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Start your Wi-Fi in Cloud Arena. Use Start Hotspot and start Wi-Fi to build Wi-Fi Platform to grow up with your ideas. Start Wi-Fi connect routers, customize a splash page, set limitation of internet user access, engage with social Wi-Fi users, check stats and analysis of usage.

Choose a package of Start Hotspot according to your budget it gives you a three option. Monthly subscription, Yearly Subscription and on-Premises. Range in the Monthly subscription starts from $8 to $16 for the standard to Ultimate version. Yearly for the same you have to pay $80 to $160 and On-Premise it is available for $299 to $499.

Features of Start Hotspot:

1. Custom Splash Page: Create your own pages and customize your brand with logos, page editor and backgrounds.
2. Client Survey: Collect data from the customer and gather related data about customer/client need. For this survey, the feature is available for opinions and reviews.
3. Cloud Wi-Fi Marketing: Get attention from the customer via advertisement with the Wi-Fi marketing feature. It serves lead generation in cloud Wi-Fi Marketing.
4. Video Ads: Promote video ads and get an engagement from our guest viewer. Create an ad, provide free Wi-Fi and play with it.
5. Label Branding: Replace the name Start Hotspot and make your splash page. Pages with Portals URLs.
6. Web Security: Protect your Organization from the malicious virus, Adult Hacker and other vulnerable damageable.
7. Plans and billing: Customer can directly choose a pack for accessing internet and billing will be done in automatic billing feature.
8. Real-time stats: With advanced analytics, Start Hotspot provide an insight into active/real users.
9. PMS Integration: Integrate Hotel Wi-Fi from our PMS System and automate the billing of your guest from there.
10. Central Wi-Fi: Centralize the Wi-Fi and manage it from all connected router. Need to start a hotspot.

Take an application Start Hotspot and start your organization with cloud featuring Wi-Fi. From making to manage a system will take in this application. Go grab and configure.

Start Hotspot 30% OFF coupon

Start Hotspot 30% OFF coupon

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