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Hide my WP PRO product offers you the best protection against the hackers. This product is easy to install and use. When you start to use the WordPress PRO plug-in then, you can hide or cover the matter that you use WordPress on your site.

In order to hide the common paths is critical and demanding, because you need to stay interrupters away from confidential and sensitive website data. It is essential and this will assist you with an enormous experience and really better results in the long term. This is worth to say that this plug-in will make hacking harder and difficult without mentioning that hiding the common paths.

Once you will start to use Hide my WP PRO, the security of the website will be automatically improved. You will get a regular and constant update and receive a Ninja mode. The Ninja mode automates several features.

Now, there is no need to get worried about hackers. Hide my WP PRO is one of the best tools you should use. Use it whenever you need to keep intruders away from your site. When you need the security of website to the high level, Hide my WP PRO helps you for protection of the website from hackers.

Hide my WordPress Pro is a speed optimized plug-in. Its average loading time is 0.03s. This speed is much faster than 90% of the WordPress plugins. It will help you in getting a better website ranking in Search Engine.

Features of Hide My WP PRO

The most beneficial features of this product are:

1. Hide URLs

This product helps you to hide the WordPress wp-admin URL, WordPress wp-login URL, WordPress admin-ajax URL, WordPress login URL and to Hide WordPress wp-login.php easily.

2. Custom Paths

It will help you to provide many custom paths like:

  • Custom WP admin and login URL
  • Custom WP category & tags path
  • Custom WP wp-includes path
  • Custom WP plugin & themes path
  • Custom WP uploads path
  • Custom WP authors path
  • Custom WP wp-content path
  • Custom WP comment URL
  • Custom WP API Rest path

3. Hide and Disable function

  • This plug-in will hide the style IDs and script IDs
  • If you are not using the Emoji icons it will hide it too
  • It will automatically disable the rest API access and Embed scripts

4. Brute force protection

  • It provides the Brute force protection.
  • It puts the math function in the Login page
  • It provides the full protection to Custom attempts, timeout and messages.
  • This plug-in will keep the full record of blacklisted and white listed IPs.

5. Advanced features

It also benefits you by providing some of the advanced features like:

  • Random plug-ins names
  • Random themes name
  • Remove unwanted classes
  • Remove ids from style sheets and scripts
  • Custom style.css for themes

Benefits of Hide My WP PRO

Here are some of the top benefits of this product:

  • It provides the Vulnerability Protection
  • This product is easy To Install and Setup
  • It provides Word press Multisite feature
  • It is easily compatible With Other Plug-in
  • This will help to speed up your site
  • It also provides the Apache server to provide extra security
  • It provides Wp Engine Server and Wp Rocket Plugin
  • Some other server it integrates with is Nginx server, LiteSpeed server and IIS server

We believe that protection is not only about the elimination of risk but also about risk reduction. Being a website owner, you need to secure your WordPress from hackers. If you are really serious about the security of your website, then use the Hide my WP PRO tool to protect your website against hackers.

Pick the Hide my WP PRO to hide the common paths in WordPress. It offers you the security of your website against hackers and malware.

My WordPress Pro 30% OFF coupon code

My WordPress Pro 30% OFF coupon code

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