Nowadays, many website owners will put ads into their webpages to balance the operating costs. I don’t think it’s a problem when you see a small number of ads that won’t interfere too much in the content.

What makes it worse are those pop-up ads and malicious ads. This kind of advertisement is not acceptable to the general public.

Here I would like to introduce a good quality and open source advertising blocking plug-in, AdBlocker Ultimate, which can block text ads, banner ads, bounce ads, float overlay ads, video ads and Facebook ads. It supports all the main-stream web browsers, like Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

One-click turn on/off advertising blocking, automatically add websites to the white list
If the site’s advertising does not interfere with reading too much, adding the website to the whitelist is also a good way to support the website owners!

The white list settings can be accessed from the options of the AdBlocker Ultimate icon in the upper right corner, then switch to the whitelisted domains tab.

Manually block ads
Open the AdBlocker Ultimate interface in the upper right corner and select Block Element to manually block the ads that are not blocked automatically in the web page.

In AdBlocker Ultimate Options -> Add your own filters, you can control the advertisements that have just been manually blocked.

YouTube video advertising
AdBlocker Ultimate can also completely block YouTube video and audio ads, the only shortage is that it can’t add specific channels to the white list.

If you just block web ads, you can choose a lot of free browser extensions. The advantage of AdBlocker Ultimate is that they also have windows clients, which means you can block ads in Windows programs.

For example, many programs on windows offer free version and pro version. The free version not only provides the most basic functions, but also displays advertisements. If you don’t need the features of the pro version, you tend to tolerate advertising.

But if you use AdBlocker Ultimate for windows, you won’t have this problem. Now you can get a 30% discount if you buy through the link below.

AdBlocker Ultimate – Yearly Subscription

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AdBlocker Ultimate – Lifetime

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