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[25% OFF] MindMaster Pro discount coupon code

Map your ideas with a mind map and to create a one impactful mind map use a MindMaster. It is restructuring your unidirectional ideas into a fulfilled idea with every aspect. MindMaster gives you a full freedom to use your wild thinking and connect them into one page.

MindMaster is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It is totally free. If you want to enhance your idea and want to work professionally than MindMaster pro is available, which you have to buy. Perpetual and lifetime use are two recommendable product offer and price are $99 and $69 with 3 year and 1-year upgrades for perpetual, whereas lifetime use and lifetime upgrades are available in $145.

Let you know what MindMaster do:

1. Brainstorm ideas: to explore as much as you can, it is a resilient feature to use your brain perfectly at one idea.
2. Manage task: The task panel records and manage all your task which is used to show your work either to take important notes.
3. Templates: you will get built-in ready-made mind map templates. With file styles, you can choose as per your requirement.
4. User interface and guide: a beginner can easily interact with the user interface, it is going easy while using the software. Manage your keyboard shortcut and for a beginner there is user guide to how to operate.
5. Themes: with shapes, backgrounds and colors get beautiful themes for the software UI. Rainbow color to use in draw themes and for distribution on branches.
6. Layouts: various mind map structure allow to use and structure your ideas. Variant styles and layouts are there. As well as you can draw hand style in maps too.

An additional feature which you can use in mind map is clipart and mark, boundary, the relationship between topics, callout supplement, summary, note, hyperlink and attachment, and tagging. You can present your idea through slideshow, outline, export and sharing.

Download and complete draw an outline and give a shape of your idea.

Edraw MindMaster Pro 25% OFF coupon code

Edraw MindMaster Pro 25% OFF coupon code

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