BigMIND Photographers is a cloud backup solution for a photographer. You can use it to store and save safely without any loss of quality of images. A photographer needs to organize the photos in a proper way and analyze directional to stack their captured photographs.

With BigMIND, the user gets all of these function, which is handled by Artificial Intelligence. AI simplifies all the processes automatically.

Let’s check out a BigMIND’s In Action – Photography Features1. Never lose any file: Every file is stored as backup. Whenever you connect external devices, mobile phones, and any cloud storage account than don’t worry about data loss, it will never happen.2. Photo Preview: Easily preview all photos with BigMIND Photographers.3. A.I Photodetection: Detect images by objects appear in pics. Search like ‘cup’, ‘flowers’ and as it is, you will get the desired search output.4. Face Recognition: BigMIND software solution is brought with face detection. once you import a photo, the software detects instantly faces with 90% accuracy.5. SaaS Backup: It will centralize all files in one location. You can manage images from many online storages like Dropbox.6. Image filters: You can look for images with metadata filters even color.7. Archive and instant action: You can instantly access and retrieve archived media assets that you stored.8. User management and real-time reporting in software. You can set privileges and permissions in software.

Starter, standard and premium plan is there to for BigMIND subscription. Various features and function you will get in a various plan, all are a monthly plan. So, Choose BigMIND for your photograph cloud storage and backup.

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