For many professional painters, a graphic tablet is an essential tool.

Some of the most common drawing software for graphic tablet is Photoshop, SAI (Easy Paint Tool SAI), CSP (Clip Studio Paint), etc. SAI is considered to be the easiest software for people who are new to graphic tablet.

In addition to these well-known software, there are some new drawing software that have some special features for graphic tablets, such as TwistedBrush Pro.

It has more brushes than any of the above-mentioned software, with more than 9000 built-in brushes, and you can customize more brushes. In other words, you can have almost unlimited brushes to use in this software.

In addition to the brushes, it also has all the features that a drawing software should have, such as layers, transparency, masks, filters, and so on.

As a drawing software for graphic tablet users, it can perfectly support all brands and models of graphic tablets on the market, and can improve the brush precision and pen pressure effect.

Compared with the software mentioned at the beginning, this software has another advantage of being cheap, and its versions are divided into Version License and Perpetual License.

The original price of Verison License is $99, and you can use the software forever by paying for it, but if a major upgrade occurs, such as from 3.0 to 4.0, and then you want to use the latest version, you will need to pay extra. If you don’t need to upgrade to the latest version, then you can use the software for free for the rest of your life.

The Perpetual License costs $189, and as the name implies, you can use the software for life and enjoy all the major and minor upgrades for free.

What’s even better is that you can get an additional 20% OFF when you purchase through the link below.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio Version License

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TwistedBrush Pro Studio Perpetual License

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