Recently, the Bad Hat Films team officially launched a scriptwriting and project management tool for professional screenwriters and film crews.

Celtx, Final Draft and Fade In are some of the best-known software products for professional screenwriters, and Shotgun is the iconic product in terms of process and set management, but they are all very expensive.

For this reason, the Bad Hat Films team has launched the spscloud script writing and film and television project process management tool software to enhance the scriptwriting and project process management capabilities of individuals and small teams, so that such creators can enjoy professional scriptwriting aids at an affordable price.

The spscloud script writing and project management software provides professional screenwriters with standardized scriptwriting formats, script creation, index cards, reading, script collaboration, copyright registration and other functions and services, as well as project management services such as project management, script dismantling, announcements and other film and television project management services. It helps screenwriters to create scripts more conveniently and efficiently, and brings great convenience to the crew in the management of film and television projects.

Bad Hat Films team leader said, “Dramawind focuses on the development and user experience of Internet products in the film and television industry, and is eager to provide professional screenwriters with an immersive writing tools environment to help them create more and better content, and will continue to provide film and television employees with services required for the industrial production of film and television based on Internet products.

The tool is a SaaS product that allows collaborative authoring on the web as a team. The price is only $59.88. Right now Bad Hat Films is offering a 20% OFF discount, and you can get it for $47.90 by following the link below.

Screenwriting – One

20% OFF

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