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Luminar 2018 is the latest version of the popular image editing software from a relatively unknown company called Skylum. The name may be strange, but the software they make is not.

I started with Luminar in early 2017 and, frankly, I was somewhat skeptical when an updated version came out so fast.

Because Luminar can apply edits to a layer, you can group the types of edits that it applies. That is if you want to make heaven like me, create a layer of “sky” and apply all the filters that do a good job in heaven.

Then you can customize each filter to your liking, then just do involve a layer mask, filter masks or reduce the opacity of the layer to control the overall image.

Then, select the next area to edit, create a new adjustment layer and apply the filters that apply there.

It is very easy to paint an effect in a small area or in several areas of the image, without affecting the entire photo.

Here is an example of an image, with each step described in my workflow in Luminar.

Is Luminar the best Lightroom alternative?

If you saw the review of this Luminar a few months ago, you know it impressed me.

I liked it a lot more than I thought it would.

I even like it so much that I recently used it to “abandon” my images after processing them in Lightroom.

But is it a good alternative for Lightroom? This question has been asked several times.

I will list some advantages and disadvantages of Luminar to assist you just decide. It does great things appear well, but in other areas, I think it’s a bit off.

These are just some of the new functions and filters. Many of the existing ones have been updated and improved.

  • Better filter cover
  • New user interface
  • Correction of lenses (distortion and chromatic aberration)
  • Transformation tool for perspective control and corrections

Skylum Luminar 3 – 20% OFF coupon code

Skylum Luminar 3 - 20% OFF coupon code

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