SEO relies heavily on various tools in its daily work, from the most basic Google search console to Moz pro, as well as the famous ahrefs and SEMrush.

Without these tools, SEO will be very difficult. Because only a strong company can afford such a huge database, not to mention a lot of crawlers and algorithms.

In the early days, Google also provided some APIs. If you can use Python or other programming languages, you can use such APIs to make some SEO tools that conform to your personal habits.

Later, these APIs were gradually closed, so only the SEO tools made by these big companies were left in the market.

The tools of big companies are good and powerful, but they are expensive. For many independent SEO workers or individual webmasters, they only need to monitor their own websites and just a few keywords. Most of the paid functions of SEO tools produced by large companies are not practical to them, or they don’t need so much quota. For example, for an ordinary webmaster, he may only need to monitor 20 keywords. And the above-mentioned SEO tools, the free plan may allow you to monitor 3, and then the cheapest paid plan allows you to monitor 100, there is no relatively cheap plan that allows you to monitor 20-50 keywords.

In fact, some companies have seen this market opportunity, and launched some products that don’t have as many functions as the above famous SEO tools, but keeps important key functions. The biggest selling point is that their price is appropriate and they can cover customers with lower demand, SerpStat is one of these kinds of SEO tools.

Recently, I saw another SEO tool is also aimed at this customer group. The tool name is very intuitive, called Search Data Analytics. SEO workers can have all the necessary functions such as keyword analysis, PPC analysis, website diagnosis, competitor tracking from this tool.

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As there are too many plans of this tool, I only list the most popular 3 plans here.

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