When Windows uninstalls a piece of software, it is always not thoroughly clean. There are always a lot of garbage files and temporary files left on the system, and they are hard to distinguish and clean. The registry will become bloated after a long time, which will not only waste the hard disk space, but also significantly slow down the system.

Revo Uninstaller Pro is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use software uninstall tool, with advanced scanning algorithm, it can uninstall the software and more thoroughly remove the garbage / temporary files and registry key values.

It can force uninstalling any piece of software, and also record the system changes by monitoring the software installation process. If you want the system to keep clean, fast and stable, Revo Uninstaller Pro is absolutely a necessary tool.

Why is Revo uninstaller recommended?

Revo Uninstaller Pro is one of the few software that I’ve been used for many years. Compared with similar uninstall tools, Revo Uninstaller Pro has many advantages! It provides three uninstallation modes: safe, normal and advanced. It can uninstall different software quickly and safely or completely by advanced deep scanning.

In case of software uninstallation error, it also provides forced uninstallation function. Before uninstalling the software, the system restore point and registry backup will be created automatically. If you meet an uninstallation error, the system can be recovered quickly to ensure the security of the system. The most important point is that it provides a very powerful software “installation tracking” function. Trust me, this is the function that makes Revo Uninstaller Pro irreplaceable!

It can monitor the operation of files and the reading and writing of registry during the installation of software. No matter how deep the software is installed in, or hundreds of registry keys are created, it records and generates logs one by one, which can ensure that these files and registry keys are completely cleaned without residual garbage when the software is uninstalled.

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