E-magazine is a new advertising model for enterprises to promote externally and indoctrinate internally.

How to make a business e-magazine? In fact, this is not difficult to operate, a software can easily handle it, here to recommend a production tool: PDF Flip.

This tool can turn PDF documents into a cool online e-book, you can add multimedia elements to make the content more attractive and achieve better publicity.

The 3D eBooks produced by PDF Flip are very delicate and realistic, and readers are more willing to flip through the eBooks produced by PDF Flip than static PDFs.

The eBooks generated by PDF Flip perfectly support mobile phones/tablets/computers to read or share, and readers can read them directly without downloading an APP or registering an account.

By uploading your eBooks to FlipBuilder Server, you can update the content of your eBooks anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to correct errors or update the content, just upload the latest file and the reading link will remain still.

PDF Flip is also perfectly integrated with Google Analytics, which can count the number of times the book and pages are read, the reading time length, the number of people who read the book, the geographical area, the active time period, the source of readers, etc.. Even the number of times the book is shared, to which platforms it is shared.

In addition, you can also set a password for PDF Flip eBooks to ensure the privacy of the content, so that readers can only read the eBook but cannot download it, if you do not want to share the book someday, you can set it to private again.

This tool has been used by a large number of companies for external publicity or internal training, such a powerful tool charges only $99.

Buy it through the link below you can enjoy 20% discount.

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