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[20% OFF] Dosvak BPM/BAW Process and Performance Tools discount coupon code

IBM development product, a multipurpose tool. Dosvak BPM/BAW process and performance tool which is used in multi Database systems. Dosvak records a process and performance of your CPU based process. Dosvak BPM tools analyze the process which turns on in CPU Based computer.

In the user interface, it shows the process and tasks summary which is performed by the system. The summary will be shown in the chart. A performance graph of various application. Gives a wagon wheel with various percentage of instance summary and Artifact Summary. Dosvak BPM tools have managed a bulk of process.

The template of application is open source and tool is available in the 999.99 USD. When you purchase a product, full consultancy of the product will be given by their support system. Enterprise Perpetual license file with modification and reuse rights will be included. After purchase, if you are not satisfied with a product than money back guaranty within 30 days.

Dosvak BPM/BAW tools Activities:

  1. Dosvak is managing a task and process in bulk. The instance of every process and task of projects will be managed in bulk.
  2. Event manager: An automatic event manager which manages a system event. A correlated application process will be managed by the event manager.
  3. In the database you can search tokens and you can delete or move them.
  4. Search for fire timers will be used in the database.
  5. Update Instance: you can update a database instance. With using JSON syntax you can update task instance to update a data.
  6. If you can update then you can clean up a data also. Completely remove a process instance data from the system.
  7. Search unwanted document and remove them.
  8. Identify large BPD and Task Execution Context.
  9. Identify large and non-optimized managed assets js and css and images etc.
  10. Dosvak is a performance tool so, performance problem identification and performance mapping are handy for the tool.

Use Dosvak process and performance tool of the database, not in the single database but it is used in multi-database systems.

Dosvak BPM/BAW Process and Performance Tools 20% OFF coupon code

Dosvak BPM/BAW Process and Performance Tools 20% OFF coupon code

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