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If having your own server is a back-end programmer’s romance, then having a personal admin control panel is a front-end programmer’s romance. Dashboards of all sizes, colorful charts of all kinds, forms of all shapes and sizes.

Most of the traditional SaaS admin pages use JQuery+iframe, which leads to a lot of HTML pages, the project’s structure is complex, maintenance is not convenient. I have seen many JQuery SaaS admin pages front-end libraries, I always think the color animation is a bit stiff, color schemes are not quite to my taste. Therefore, I decided to build a Vue-based SaaS front-end project.

In the beginning, CoreUI is a front-end library based on vue-admin, now CoreUI has support for Angular, Lavarel, React, Bootstrap and other frameworks.

CoreUI is a SPA application which completely separates the front and back ends. Theoretically, through the use of front-end framework such as elmentUI can also build a SaaS project front-end, but for novices, it is recommended to build through a ready-made template.

Early versions of CoreUI are based on vue-admin, which is also based on vue-bootstrap. So the backend templates of this series are responsive. The library itself is not integrated with vuex, nor does it have an ajax request library, so you need to add it manually when developing your own.

Starting with CoreUI version 3.0, it is deeply integrated with Bootstrap, source code readability has been improved.

For start-ups, full-stack programmers are very popular, through the use of such templates and frameworks, without the need for professional UI Designer we can also make a beautiful management interface, very suitable for SaaS startups.

The basic version of CoreUI is free and open-source, you can find the project address on Github: https://github.com/coreui.

Pro version provides more components and styles, and there is advanced technical support.

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