Music producers must be inseparable from all kinds of music production software, but music production software is also inseparable from various plug-ins. Here are some common VST AAX Au plug-ins.

Pro EQ: also called EQ that comes with Studio One, it’s a very good functional EQ plugin.

Harrison AVA legacy EQ: it’s also a good EQ, but processes mono sound only.

Plug alliance SSL 4K E: It doesn’t sound as sharp as the UAD plug-in or as fuzzy as the Waves plug-in.

Various versions of 1176: Including CLA 76 of Waves, 1176SE and 1176REV A of UAD, are good FET compression plug-ins.

Waves API 2500: Stereo compression plug-in with good grainy sense, which is often used to deal with the sound of brighter wooden guitar or clean electric guitar.

Waves CLA 3A: it is a muddy photoelectric compression plug-in. I think the processing of metal electric guitar timbre is very good, which can better ensure the dynamic sense of sound.

The reverb plug-in: it has a good sense of space, which is suitable for creating a clear space, and the amount of low frequency is not too much.

Weiss mm maximizer: you can choose the limiter with different timbre, which has a very good dynamic sense and does not compress the low-frequency sound excessively.

In addition to the above, the plug-ins of AudioThings have been outstanding in recent years. The entire series currently contains 23 plug-ins, which can meet almost all the needs of music production. Audiothings has been launching various new plug-ins.

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