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CAD exchanger is for CAD user who wants to use it to convert into a CAD file, Here you can see CAD files with the use of viewer. CAD Exchanger GUI is available for CAD Users and software developer. Further, We will discuss the features of CAD Exchanger GUI.

What can do CAD Exchanger GUI?

CAD Files are used in many perspectives for managers, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers. So, CAD data needs to be converted into various file formats due to its wide range of usage. Files that supported by CAD Exchanger GUI: SolidWorks, Brep, Rhino, X3D, FBX, Parasolid, VRML.

Visualization effects and conversation of the CAD file is easy. You can view, explore and visualize files in the CAD exchanger. When you are done with the CAD drawings, you can browse its structure. You can configure a visual representation of that structure. And you can build various structure for those views.

When you are work with heavy weights 3D models you can easily make it in process. This fast and efficient process is made by the performance-minded team.

Patentable parallel consumption algorithm is behind to develop smooth performance in multi-core exchanges.

PMI is a performance booster. In the CAD processing cycle, it performs an essential part. Whether it can be drawing, visualization, conversation. Adding PMI gives an extra boost in performance.

To achieve accuracy in Model, it will compose visualization and computational meshes. Also, it optimized the granularity of model, deflection to meet up with fine touch.

CAD exchanger GUI gives an easy workspace. You can access the most prolific function in the structured menu bar.

At last, it is cost-effective, you have to pay for function, for which business you want CAD exchanger GUI, pay for it.


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