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Privacy protect software is the only program you can get that could keep what is private and personal, private. The recycle bin feature of your computer will only hide the files from plain view. Your removed files aren’t really placed away. Here is how it works. When you delete anything on your computer, you are starting the space that was used, designating it as space which you can use for other files. Quite simply, these wiped files are just waiting around to be overwritten by other files.

When you get privacy protection software, it will first perform a free scan of your computer to find any documents and information that are hiding in places on your computer that you would not expect. The program then lists this information for you, providing you with the possibility to either erase the files or you can keep them. It is totally your choice.

Thus, when you see the net or have sensitive documents that you would rather nobody else sees, merely deleting them will not destroy them from your computer. There is a chance that it will not be overwritten, and can actually be recovered. Privacy protect software provides you with the tools to once and for all remove these files from your computer so that no person will ever even know they existed. You can completely cover your tracks on the internet, and no person will be aware of where you’ve been and what you’ve been taking a look at.

privacy protection software may even do a free scan for you so you know very well what deleted files you are dealing with. If you get the privacy software, you will then have the option of restoring a file or deleted permanently.

Now you can relax easily knowing that if you have done something you want to keep under wraps from anyone, then you can certainly use the level of privacy software to do it for you. You don’t have to worry about furtive glances at the door or forgets of anyone taking a peek at your COMPUTER. Finally, you need this software if you plan on throwing it away or gifting to someone.

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