This software is expensive, 15% OFF is the maximum discount I can require from the developer. However, it can still save over $100 for you.

Here is the discount purchase link, the coupon code has already integrated into the link.

The solution to recovering server data at SysTools SQL Server Recovery Manager. It supports Windows 10 and provides free trial. You can purchase SQL server recovery manager $1,499.

Features of SQL Server Recovery Manager:

  1. Recover SQL Server DatabaseRecover corrupted database file from SQL management toolkit. You are able to open and recover multiple database files at the same time.
  2. Analyze LogsYou can view all database transaction like INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE. Process and analyze SQL Server database files.
  3. Restore Single and multiple backs upThe backup feature will allow SQL recovery manager to load and recover corrupted files.
  4. Reset SQL SA PasswordAll unknown and empty passwords can be reset by the software. If it shows unknown then the database file is protected. If it’s empty then the user can access the database without a password.
  5. Decrypt SQL ScriptsThe software can decrypt the encrypted SQL Server scripts, then you can preview the SQL database as you want.
  6. Recover from all kinds of database filesThe software is able to recover all kinds of database files on SQL Server. It can deal with data like tables, functions, triggers, and so on.
  7. Report GenerationThis toolkit generates an activity log report for the database. The report includes application name, file name, database name, server information, and so on.

Additionally, it supports most of SQL version, open and previews all MDF elements. Get a demo and purchase SQL Server Recovery Manager.


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