The SaaS (Software as a Service) trend is sweeping the world, and more and more software is available without installation, just by opening a browser, which makes our life and work more and more convenient.

Among the many SaaS products, image processing software is a very popular category, because no matter what kind of work you do, there is a very good chance that you have to handle some images. Even in our life, we will have some photos that need to be processed.

For very professional photographers, professional image processing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. may still be needed, but for the majority of normal people, a full-featured online photo editing tool is sufficient.

In the current market, the competition for online image processing tools is very fierce, such as Befunky, Iloveimg and so on.

Since there are people looking for gold, there will be people selling shovels for looking for gold.

This is a very smart business model, because the competition to provide consumer-oriented online processing tools is already very fierce, so it is better to consider these companies that provide online image processing tools as consumers and provide them with tools or services, such as the API.

Pixoeditor is one such company, which provides a feature-rich image processing API. It has APIs for all the features provided by the mainstream online image tools on the market. Integrating the API is also very simple, with a dozen lines of code to get it done.

In terms of price, it provides a free version, and the free version provides a relatively basic API. The paid versions are small package and medium package, both of which provide all APIs, but there is a difference in the number of images that can be stored in the cloud. Small package can store 1000 images per month, and medium package can store 2500 images per month.

The original price for the small package is $84/year and the original price for the medium package is $168/year.

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