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One reason for creating PDF files is because of the trusted security features they have. It is not easy for anyone to alter the content. However, you will agree with me that reading a PDF file is not easy it is very monotonous. You have to scroll down continuously in a boring fashion.

But PDF Flip is changing the reading experience of PDF files. The App is able to add enhanced readability features that make the pages flip beautifully just like in a book. This enhances the flip-effect and makes PDF reading lively and engaging.

What is PDF Flip?

PDF Flip is a unique App that is able to convert PDF files to Flip-Books. It transforms your online PDF files into friendly graphical interface books. The App brings a seamless reading experience and makes reading engaging.

PDF Flip – How it Works

First, visit the PDF Flip website and upload it to your website. The professional team will then get back to you with a temporary test preview file. And will assist you to get your App running.

Once you upload the file it will assist you to convert PDF files into Flipbooks. Your clients will be able to read the converted Flipbooks without downloading any plug-ins.

Benefits of PDF Flip

Improve readability Experience: PDF Flip converts PDF files into Flipbooks these books are very beautiful to read and also more engaging.

Adjustable Screen size: Your converted flip books will automatically get adjusted to fit the various screen sizes clients use to access your website.

Whether Desktop, Tablet, Kindle or mobile phones. Has a Customizable User Interface: PDF Flip allows you to personalize the graphical user interface. You can put images you like in the background of your PDF files.

Compatible with Various Websites: PDF Flip can be hosted on any website without any issues. Its compatibility index with various websites and blogs is good High-Speed Loading: The app is very light and takes up minimal space. It, therefore, loads pages and converts PDF files to Flipbooks faster.

After Sale Service: If you buy the software, you will get a free 3-month support on how to maneuver around the software for a better experience.

Free Automatic Updates: Loading the software on your website permits you to get free automatic updates wherever they are around.

PDF FlipBook 15% OFF coupon code

PDF FlipBook 15% OFF coupon code

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