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[15% OFF] HTML5 Flipbook Plugin discount coupon code

Don’t do a time-consuming task to create HTML pages. To create a one attractive HTML page you invest your precious time and thousands of lines of code. Now guess if you want to design the whole flipbook in HTML5 than what happened? Bored with coding, try and error for possible aspects. HTML5 Flipbook plugin will solve all these messes.

HTML5 flipbook gives you the ready-made design of templates. You have to just add-on this plugin into your feasible browser. With effective design, you have to just go through the flipbook and change according to your customization idea.

Let’s talk about HTML5 Flipbook Plugin.

1. Pure Coding: the complete plugin is designed with HTML5 and CSS3 with using jQuery.
2. PDF to Flipbook: Covert your PDF file into effective 3D Flipbook.
3. Use images to make a beautiful 3D flipbook.
4. 3D Effects: While turning your page set 3D effects from various effects.
5. With every turn of page enable or disable sound effects. To change the sound effect change the music files.
6. User-Friendly: Navigate the function with an ease. User-friendly approach.
7. Page thumbnails: Set thumbnails so a user can get easily visualize a page.
8. Right to left and left to right page flip is supported.
9. Multiple flipbooks will be set in one page, all you need to do is a few lines of code.
10. The user can switch full page mode.
11. Page zoom in and out with mouse click event on the icon.
12. Change the page mode, set up one or two page in the single window.
13. Responsiveness: With every screen resolution it is compatible. Working fine with mobile, tablet, and full laptop or desktop screen.
14. Swipe the page with a single click on the page.
15. Set direct link to flipbook pages.

Want to buy that plugin gives you three choices. Starter, standard and professional package. 14.90, 19.90, 24.90 Euro is the respective price of the HTML5 Flipbook Plugin.

HTML5 Flipbook Plugin 15% OFF coupon code

HTML5 Flipbook Plugin 15% OFF coupon code

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