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[15% OFF] BunnyShell discount coupon code

Create a server, provision them and configure in the cloud and deploy them. With bunnyshell application to creating a server is easy, in application everything will be done automated, coding for the server to the production of the server will be done here.

Integration, deployment update allows continuously. Developing, stage, production will be synchronized. Install packages with simple installation. One click deployments can be done here. User Interface and starting time are reasonable. Connect with cloud account and within five minutes server will ready to use.

After installation, some complimentary apps are there to use, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento2, ELK Stack, DokuWiki, Mediawiki, Opencart, Mautic, ProstaShop, OroCRM, GitHub, phpBB, Redmine, Gitlab Runner, Jenkins, Odoo, Discourse, Jira, Jorani, and Metabase. These apps are free and ready to use in bunnyshell.

Which things are done by bunnyshell:

1. Secure Design: all the stored sensitive data in encryption hardware service. Server ports are blocked initially and it is a default setting.
2. One Platform, Multi-Cloud: Bunnyshell is managed all regular clouds. So, you don’t need to learn AWS, GCP, Azure or DigitalOcean and many more like this.
3. Automated Provision: Use free configured production apps like Apache, Nginx, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Mysql, Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ and many more.
4. One click Deployment: Multiple deployments for any production application. Ony any scale, on any cloud. Rolling, rolling with additional batches. Immutable or blue and green deployments.

What you can do in bunnyshell:

1. Instant server creative: On multiple clouds and OS create the server with load balanced, single, cluster infrastructure types. Infrastructure made with a code. You can make these infrastructures scalable. Secure with firewall and implement with high availability.
2. Quick Provisioning: ready to use package or else you can use your own packages. Customize and automate any of application. Install, uninstall, update and rollback packages.
3. Infrastructure management: task like update firewalls, add new disks, add log rotation, add crons, scale and monetize the infrastructure.

Explore, Launch, Accelerate and warp are package in which you can purchase. With respective of $9.99, $99.99, $399.99, $999.99. Service with is higher and higher in the updated version.

BunnyShell 15% OFF coupon code

BunnyShell 15% OFF coupon code

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