Since I bought my first digital product (voice recorder) online, other digital products of mine such as portable hard drive, mobile phone, tablet computer and laptops are all bought online.

As more and more people shopping online, the price of each platform also varies. As a result, shopping online has become more and more tedious. So many price comparison websites were born, among them, the more famous are shopping.com, price.com, etc.

These sites don’t sell anything themselves, they just tell you where to buy it with the lowest cost. So how do they make money? A lot of people would say, by advertising.

Yes, advertising is one of their sources of income. But the more important source of revenue is affiliate commissions.

For example, if you are buying a camera, the price comparison site shows it’s cheaper to buy it on Amazon, and if you click on its link from the price comparison site to reach Amazon, the price comparison site gets a commission that amazon pays them.

So a lot of people will think, is it possible to build a similar website and make money? The answer is, sure.

First you need to be proficient in computer programming, at least familiar with python/Java and a front-end language, then you need to be very familiar with the anti-crawler strategy of various e-commerce sites and find a way to crack it. Finally, you need to write a website that is beautiful and has a good user experience. This is clearly not an easy task.

Axisitp has fulfilled such a demand with software that quickly builds a price comparison website. You only need to know the basics of computers and servers to build your own price comparison site and earn commission.

The software supports dozens of major e-commerce sites, including Amazon, and now offers a 15% discount.

AxisITP Price Comparison Script

15% OFF

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