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Wizard-based integration is free of the attempts, with no programming, and without the demand for exclusive understanding, it executed absolutely at a cloud. You configure the data-integration functionality together with suitable GUI wizards and editors. The performance is implemented from the cloud mechanically as manually or scheduled at any time. You can watch the integration performance final results, for every implementation from the historical past.

Easy to Use

  • Information Publish – Adding information imports into cloud resources and into relational databases using Skyvia! Skyvia allows you to import information from CSV Documents, database tables along with alternative cloud resources.
  • Information Replication – Skyvia presents powerful on-line instruments for producing a backup of app info to a relational database. It can be used for maintaining the backup in an up-to-date condition once essential.
  • Information Export – Skyvia is probably the most basic method to export your cloud or database information to your CSV file. The document could be downloaded onto your own personal computer or set to your document storage.
  • Information Demo -Using Skyvia makes it easy to synchronize your information in between cloud resources and relational databases from the instructions you learn. Keep info from various platforms and sources!


Integrate your own cloud application immediately and very easily with our predefined gallery. You may utilize predefined mapping templates to manually map information, involving unique cloud info sources rather than mapping them. Most of that with nominal work and also within just a couple clicks!

Cloud-to-cloud Integration

With a variety of predefined mapping and settings templates, Skyvia lets setting-up cloud-to-cloud integration that is something awesome. Of course, in the event that you require this, you always have the option to update integration with additional information.

Backup Info to Document Storage

Skyvia makes it possible for scheduling the export of information on CSV documents that are saved on diverse document storages, and that may be put to use like an easy backup alternative.

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