Do you think iTunes is too complicated for you to use? You can try DearMob iPhone Manager. Whether it’s transferring music, movies, photos, or even backing up and restoring the iPhone data, DearMob iPhone Manager can do it all, and it can be used on both MacOS and Windows.

Transfer movies with DearMob iPhone Manager

Using DearMob iPhone Manager to send movies to iPhone is easier and faster than using iTunes. According to our test, it takes only 90 seconds to send a 469.8MB 4K video to iPhone, while iTunes takes more than 160 seconds to synchronize. In terms of the speed of video transmission, DearMob iPhone Manager is better than iTunes.

Transfer music to iPhone using DearMob iPhone Manager

If you send music files in a format that is not supported by iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager will also help you convert to a format that iPhone supports, such as MP3 or AAC. The transmission speed is very fast. A full-length album can be transferred in 90 seconds.

If there are a lot of music files to be transferred to the iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager is a good choice. At the same time, DearMob iPhone Manager is also a music player, which can play music directly on the computer. If you only need to transfer music, you can consider another free DearMob iPhone Music Manager.

Use DearMob iPhone Manager to export photos to your computer and convert HEIC to JPG

I believe that many people will use the built-in album function in iPhone Photos to organize photos. However, when we want to transfer these photos to the computer, we will find that we can’t see those albums and have to rearrange them again.

However, with DearMob iPhone Manager, we can directly see our iPhone on the computer. You can export the photo albums on and export them directly, so that you don’t need to sort out the exported photos again. In addition, DearMob iPhone Manager also supports converting photos in HEIC format in IOS 11 to JPG files, and then exporting them to the computer. This makes it convenient to browse, organize, share, or post photos.

Use DearMob iPhone Manager to manage apps on iPhone

When we have multiple apps to remove, we can also use DearMob iPhone Manager to help us. Selecting multiple apps at a time to remove them is definitely faster than deleting one by one on iPhone.

At the same time, you can also use this iPhone management app to import files from your computer to your iPhone app and open it directly with the app.

These are some useful features of DearMob iPhone Manager. If you are interested, you can download and try these functions. If you like this app, you can buy it at 10% discount through the following link.

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