What a good form creator or builder should look like? It should be a form building platform and a data collection and processing platform. It has to be powerful and easy to use.

Although building forms and collecting data is a simple process, but there are many choices out there. There are simple stand-alone form creators, and advanced data processing tools base on forms.

The tool we are looking for is: it should support easy creation of questions, convenient use of text boxes, drop-down menus, radios and checkboxes; it is even necessary to set whether certain fields are optional and limit the types of inputs in order to control over the collected data.

Good user experience is also crucial. The creation of the form must be easy, simple and intuitive.

In addition, stability is also very important. After all, no one wants to encounter the situation where the sudden collapse of the page causes the previous works to be abandoned. And the UI design of forms and reports is also important.

The “design for any website” principal is also critical. Because there are many forms creators are designed for specific platforms. So even if they are easy to use, the narrow scope of application limits their practicality.

The fees for each form creators vary, from free to hundreds of dollars a month.

AidaForm is a form creator that meets all the above advantages. It has dozens of beautifully designed built-in templates and 11 types of forms, which basically meets all daily needs.

Of course, you can also use its drag-and-drop editor t build your own form.

AidaForm also provides a powerful admin panel, you can view all the collected data, and a rich chart to view the performance of the form.

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