In recent years, the rise of short videos has gradually popularized video editing software. More and more people are learning to edit, making their own works, as a record of life’s little bits and pieces, to bring more joy to everyone. To make an attractive video, a very important part is editing software. Here are a few commonly used video editing software.

Adobe Premiere has better compatibility, and can work with other software developed by Adobe. It is currently widely used in the production of commercials and TV shows.

Final Cut Pro X is the best video editing software on the Mac OS platform. Final Cut Pro X is native 64-bit software, written in Cocoa language, and supports multi-core processors, GPU acceleration, background rendering, 4K resolution video editing, and ColorSync function. Another major innovation in Final Cut Pro X is the automatic content analysis feature, which automatically analyzes footage in the background when the video is loaded and sorts it by media attribute tags, camera data, lens type, and even the number of tasks contained in the footage as the user edits it.

Edius Pro is real-time editing software that supports more formats and higher resolutions, and the ability to edit everything quickly makes Edius Pro 9 the perfect professional post-production tool for all kinds of videos. Even 4K and HDR videos can be edited in real-time without rendering. This also makes it the most useful and fastest non-linear editing software.

The last one I would like to introduce is a rising star, Acrovid Intertake. It is very versatile and includes video transcoding, noise reduction, color grading, editing, adding filters, and much more. This software only supports 64-bit windows computers for now.

What’s even more remarkable is that although it has so many features, the price is much cheaper than the above big names.

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