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Secure all your credentials in one place. Data Guardian is the place which allows you to secure logins, password, addresses, notes, credit cards numbers, receipts and other secure information. Data guardian used a customizable database with the 448-bits encryption algorithm Blowfish.

Design of data guardian is custom tailored. Choose a suitable type of information and entered it. Such as different field types are dates, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web addresses, drop down menu, checkboxes and etc.

Software functionalities:

  1. Password Generator: It’s been always confusion to create a strong password. Data Guardian is suggesting you to a password of generating instead of you too.
  2. Quick Browser: Log in and search is quick as on your fingertips. It configured on top of the windows where you can do a search.
  3. Import and export: Supported common file formats which are CSV, text, vCards, address book etc. And export it into a web, 1Passworda, Plain text.
  4. Attachment: Attach files from your database, i.e. pictures, documents, music and many record files.
  5. Backup: Autosave your data in frequent minutes. It prevents data loss in case of a crash.
  6. Cross Platform: Single database is handled between both mac and windows OS.


  1. Create unlimited records.
  2. Insert pictures into records.
  3. From records, you can directly call.
  4. Database synchronization together in merge and update.
  5. Up to 448-bit Blowfish algorithm encryption.
  6. Within any application access data guardian.
  7. Log every record and activity within a software.
  8. Clipboard is clear regularly in certain spam.
  9. Print records in sheet format in various file formats.
  10. Select all and apply changes. No need to open a single record and change.

To buy a data guardian there is two option which is low cost where you have to pay annually and another is the traditional lifetime license. For your precious data Use it, save it.

Koingo Data Guardian 40% OFF coupon code

Koingo Data Guardian 40% OFF coupon code

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