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Working with a spreadsheet and face chaos in cells, as well as confused to perform an operation on data. These things are normal it happens, to overcome these errors power tools for google sheets software will help. It is an add-on software which is compatible with google sheet, configure and use while using excel spreadsheets on google sheet.

To configure Power tools, there are some minimum requirements. Power tools are compatible with the windows 7 and up version while in Mac it is compatible with the Yosemite 10.10 and up version. If you have windows OS than Chrome and Firefox are the browsers in which you can configure. In Mac OS one and only safari browser is compatible.

To experience power tools before buy enjoys 30 days free trials and after if interested buy for $43.20 per year.

Let’s have a look on features of power tools for google sheets.

1. Compare and dedupe: It compared data from a sheet and clear redundancy. Find duplicate and unique rows, Compare tables from columns, copy or move results, identify different rows.
2. Merge and consolidate: It is a replacement for VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH function. Match and merge from two sheets, Pull missing information, combine tables, consolidate data, set a delimiter.
3. Text tools: Find effective tool for texts. Change or toggle case, insert text by position, remove extra space, polish text selection, add lost space, replace the code with symbols and vice versa.
4. Remove and clear: Remove substrings or character, eliminate a character, remove extra spaces before delimiters, delete links/notes and formatting, and clear all text/numbers and date, clear blank rows and columns.
5. Split text: Split given data, spilt names, recognize names, separate titles and suffixes.

Additionally, Smart toolbar, data randomization, convert and modify are easy and useful add-on tools in power tools. Use it and adjust your spreadsheet with the keyboard.

Power Tools for Google Sheets 20% OFF coupon code

Power Tools for Google Sheets 20% OFF coupon code

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