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Server management at local browser is always a trick and a little bit hard. ISPConfig is software to solve the problem, you can directly manage your web server from your local browser. When you get a latest ISPConfig version it gives you admin rights and installed control panel to host and manage. It is completely open source software.

Let’s see what you will get in ISPConfig 3:

• Manage multiple servers from one control panel.
• Web server management e.g. Apache 2 and nginx
• Mail server management
• DNS Server management e.g. BIND and MyDNS
• Virtualization e.g. OpenVZ
• Administrator, reseller and client login.
• Configuration mirroring and clusters.
• Open source software with BDS license.

From the official website of ISPConfig you can buy a User Manual or installation manual in separate, there is also a tutorial video available for the beginner. Till now, ISPConfig hit a count of 40,000 downloads per month on an average.

Take a look at ISPConfig Services and Functions.

1. Single and Multiple server management.
a. From one control panel, you can manage multiple servers.
b. Single server, Multiple Server and mirrored cluster.
c. It works in a physical or virtual server.

2. ISPConfig server management software is translated into more than 20 popular world known languages.

3. Support for many web application and server
a. HTTP: Apache 2 and nginx
b. SMTP: Postfix
c. POP3/IMAP: Courier and Dovecot
d. FTP: Pure FTPD
e. DNS: Bind, PowerDNS, and MyDNS
f. MySQL Database

4. Not only windows but it support many Linux environment. I.e. Debian, Ubuntu CentOS, Fedora and OpenSuSE.

5. It gives a four access level in server Administrator, Reseller, Client and Email login are one of them.

6. It manages the following services: Websites, Email accounts, FTP, MySQL Database, Cron jobs, Shell users, DNS, IPv4, and IPv6.

ISPConfig 20% OFF coupon code

ISPConfig 20% OFF coupon code

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