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Problems with the local storage where it manages and takes care of it from wear out, any crash of hardware may effect on local storage. Data loss fear in local storage so, complete backup software for your data. BigMIND is cloud back up storage software with Artificial Intelligence support.

You don’t need to find different storage places for your data, all in one are completed in the single software. AI compatible so it is a smart working system, secure as well and flexible for all software and application.

A need of BigMIND in a current digital situation is, your scattered and unstructured data are stored across in desktop laptops and mobile devices. To protect these valuable data assets you need some robust solution for it which organize and provide security.

Let’s take a tour on features of the BigMIND.

  1. Automatic Backup: BigMIND takes any file from source and from any location. Social media data backup, private cloud backup, local OS files back in windows, MAC and Android.
  2. Compliances: BigMIND built entirety back up with Amazon Web Services. AWS gives a long list of global regulations and industry standard.
  3. User management: BigMIND gives you a one centralized admin panel, where you can deploy, configure, grant access, audit and restore data to a user.
  4. Mobile Apps: Connect any mobile local database to cloud via BigMIND. Upload all data of mobile app on a cloud so users can access all data from anywhere.
  5. Tribrid Storage: Usage of data on customer end is differently some of them are in frequent use and some of them are archived. Tribrid technology provides the solution to back up various datasets.
  6. Real-time Search: Search anything from anywhere. It will give the accurate result.
  7. Data Transport: Amazon snowball is an add-on and you can import/export data via snowball.

Choose a plan according to your convenience and make a home space of your data.

BigMIND Home 20% OFF coupon code

BigMIND Home 20% OFF coupon code

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